Monday, June 3, 2013

What if?

I was recently wondering a lot of things including what ive really wanting to do.. I mean there is a point in your life that you ask yourself "what if"... A point in your life that you wanted to turn back and redo everything you've done.. Or either do something different or maybe doing what you really wanted....

A Voice Lesson

I remember back then that i used to sing a lot..times that you have to buy a lot of cd videoke tapes to find your know the 90's stuffs, unlike nowadays the magic sing microphones are just a click away... Anyway, yes..i sing a lot until my brother and sister teased me that i dont have a good voice..ugh! But eventually as i grew up and gained a little confidence, i manage to enhance my singing and sing in front of other people including school programs back in highschool and some weddings of friends and relatives. So i've been wondering lately what if... What if i take those voice lessons back then? Maybe..just maybe i could have that confident to sing out loud in front of other people..haha oh well, i dont have that spectacular voice just a bearable one and bathroom is still where my big concierto happened...


I used to attend acting class when i was a child, times that you want to terminate those shyness. Im a shy kid and somehow im still right now.. I sign up in theatro when i was in highschool, it was fun and i had a lot of amazing memories. I gain friends and it leveled up my confidence but when i started college, my entire theather life ended.. I had a culture shock on my first term in college.. im not used to be with a lot of students coz i live in my little school back in highschool where there are a maximum of 3 sections per year... So what if i still audition even if im still in a middle of culture shock? What if i still pursue it regardless of heavy schedule? Maybe, just maybe im still developing and enhancing my skills and performing is still part of my life. However, i still wanted to perform and theather will always had a spot in my heart... Mag-artista kaya ako? Chos! Joke lang! 


I always wanted to engaged myself into sports like volleyball, badminton, swimming and tennis but i guess im not the athletic type of person. I remember when i used to have those big bruises in my arms when i try to play volleyball...i think im not doing it right..hehe but after that i seldomly play that sport again. I guess its on the blood as well, no one in the family is an athlete or either no one really gets interested in sports. So what if i try harder and really engaged myself to sport? What if i get to play one of those? Maybe, just maybe ill be more fit and i get a really good stamina. Maybe i can influence my family to make it a really good form of bonding or maybe i can be a varsity back in college and get scholarship through it.. Oh I regret those times i didn't try harder.. I guess its late to be a varsity but its not too late to get a little sporty right? I can swim.. so i think i can take few lessons of swimming to make me a better swimmer.. Goal!

Im not saying that i dont like my life now.. I am happy and eventually taking another step to fullfil my dreams... It just that there are things that you wish you had done before..or maybe i had another dream that i've wanted to fullfil... Im a dreamer and im dreaming a lot of things. I know i can not do them all through out together, for now i have to focus myself for bigger responsibilities as i entered the real world of industry.. 

So if you are passionate to do something.. Do it now! Dont let your weakness and excuses stop you instead take it as a first step to be your strength, to become more happy and be a better individuals. It never too late there is still time fo everything, chances for everything, to explore and learn and be more positive.. Remember that success always starts with you! 

Have a good day readers and ill be glad to hear your stories as well.. 

Life is full of love,


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