Monday, June 17, 2013

LUCIDO-L: Hair Problem Solution

Does your hair get damaged by everyday blow dry? Teasing? Dyeing? Ironing and Curling?

Tired of having dry and frizzy hair? Tangled hair? Unhealthy hair and so on?

Well your not the only person who feels that way.. I do and many of the girls out there were having those problems.. I was thinking that the only solution to this dilemma was going to those salons and spending a lot of money just to get my hair go back to its healthy state. 

I was styling my hair for a couple of months now and i got recently dye my hair. I thought i won't damage my hair too much if i try dyeing it but after a few weeks, few months it got worst and worst and worst.. It got dry and become more frizzy..i super missed my long straight healthy hair.. I can't just let it die and i need to do something to save my crowning glory! So i was surfing the net the other day to find natural way to cure my hair but i decided to read blogs from my favorite bloggers just to keep myself away from disappointment that day... I started visiting Tricia Gosingtian of triciawillgoplaces and when i open her blog... wola! her post actually answer my prayers as if she knows whats going on my mind the whole time... She was like a fairy godmother who was about to grant my wish.. Well she actually might grant my wish coz at the end of her blog post she was having a giveaway! A daily supplement for hair which is LUCIDO-L, according to what i have read its a Japanese brand that can restore the capability of our hair to lock-in moisture and nutrients... Isn't great! I really wanted to WIN these!!! As in i WANTED! 

So here i am working on it coz i LOVE to have those Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil Straight and Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk Straight - to repair my damaged, unmanageable and frizzy hair because of dryness and coloring. 

photo grabbed to triciawillgoplaces

photo grabbed to triciawillgoplaces

I was really happy that this products landed already here in the Philippines.. I get so much excited.. i really WANTED to TRY them out. So me pray to WIN these LUCIDO-L!!! coz 
I really really wanted to END this days....:


Love your hair as it takes you to beautiful memories..^^
Pray to God to win these but if you don't still pray for him as he gave you the chance to win these.



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    1. Thank you.. Ill be doing a review for that product after ill pick up my price.. Anyway, join my international blog giveaway for a chance to win fab items from PersunMall. Here's the link:

      Thank you

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