Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flowers and Sunshine

It's nice to see the sun in the morning coz it actually gave you the strength to perform various acts and meet all your schedule without getting wet on the rain. Im so happy that i decided to wear this floral silk dress for a special event.

I got this cute dress on SM Girl Teen Wear section, i like it coz its silk and you dont actually need to iron it if you lay it out good on hanging. I hate ironing clothes it was maybe the laziest homeduty for me. I dont know why but i dont want to spend time doing it sweating and you cant even wash your hands after doing it kasi "mapapasma" ka daw, that's the term they use for that. The shoes it one of the favorite, it's old rose in color kinda pinkish and it doesnt have the killer heels so you can actually run and roam all over places, and it looks simple and elegant for me. I love pairing it on different styles. Well, i bought the bag on divisoria. You can buy a lot of stuffs on a way cheaper price just make sure you look for the quality as well coz having a great deal is by having the good quality on affordable prices. This bag looks really girly for me because of the colors but im glad it matches my dress. It also have slings which i remove because its teddy bears and it might not look good on the entire outfit. Add a sunglasses and your ready to go. 

I really love the floral prints on thies dress

Have a good day. 

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  1. Love anything floral too! Yours is so cute <3 perfect dress for a fine day. cute bag too! :)

    1. Thank you. Having this floral dress is a really great deal.

  2. love this dress is so pretty,love the color :) xx andy

    1. Thank you andy.. ^^ you are also welcome to join my international giveaway.. Check it out.

  3. whoop, followed you now :D

    i love your bag!

    1. Thanks you so much.. Anyway you can join on my giveaway. ^^

  4. Hi Hanniel! thanks for your comment Ü
    that floral dress is so beautiful, it looks like kind of vintage and lovely!!
    you look so pretty


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