Thursday, June 13, 2013

Design, Create & Post!

Rain rain go away, come again another day.. Little hanniel wants to play oh rain rain go away... :(

Hi guys.. Its raining at our place now.. Real heavy pour as if it was holding it for the entire summer day. These clouds maybe gets tired of controlling their tears.. Augh! Summer is finally over yet i haven't been posting all my summer agendas..  Anyway, ive been surfing around the apps store and find these super cool application "granimator" and "phoster" a perfect combination to create your own personalized wallpaper, posters and invitations.. Cool right? 

Granimator, its a graphic wallpaper creator where you can choose from 40different artist packs which you could download for free. You can select your own style, shape color patterns, background, etc. which come up with sounds. To give you some idea, here how it looks like:

You could download more artistic packs for a variety of choices...^^

Meanwhile, You could collaborate your created wallpaper to make a poster or invitations using Phoster.

So here you have it.. I used chalkboards to pin out datas.. 

Here are some of my work.^^ hope you like it. I just take a shot of my gallery..

I enjoy doing this stuffs and hopefully i can help you in any way. Thanks for reading!

Life is full of love!

If you have dowloaded this apps and enjoy creating like i can comment down below and share your creations as well..


  1. Good day! Just letting you know that I nominated you in my Liebster Award post. :) Please do check it out, thanks!

    1. Thanks kaye. ^^ ill try to post it asap.. Ill let you know. Have a good day!


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