Friday, May 31, 2013

A Dream..

Dress/ SM GTW

 Finally, I'm back from grave.. haha I've been in a hibernate mode this past few months and it's a way way long story for a lot of reasons.. i know making a lot of reasons is not really good excuse but to make the reason short..i mean story short.. here's the real culprit.. 

Congratulations to me!!! I've finally got my diploma.. 

It's a great achievement for me so i'm sharing you this one. It's like I've been taking another step closer to my dreams.. I feel happy and nervous at the same time because i'll be working sooner or later. hopefully i'll get the best job I've ever dream of.. so please real world be nice to me. ^^ 

Ill be blogging more often to update you guys from a lot of things... 

Life if full of love ladies.. ^^

Here's a song for you, i found their youtube channel way to awesome... they are so good! Chill..