Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Cioccolata Churros Cafe


I went to visit my cousin who just labor a baby cute boy and then i decided to have some light dinner before i go home. I found this cafe really nice.. If your looking for a really nice breakfast or a snack and even for a light dinner, this place is perfect. It Cioccolata Churros Cafe located in Intramuros. Every time i'm looking for a place to eat i always consider 4 category: 

1. Location

The place was accessible. It was located at bay leaf hotel in intramuros just one bus ride away from home about 10-15min travel so i can actually recommend it if your on a rush or if you go to school near it.

2. Food 

Since its cafe I'm expecting more on their coffee but what interest me are their tea specially the earl grey tea and berry sensation. It makes me excited to try all their tea selection. But this time i tried their nutty white chocolate and it was really good too, its not too sweet and it taste not the usual. I also try their chicken and egg sandwich and roasted almond honey glazed pretzels. The serving was ok and you can actually share it to your friends and the price as well is fine for their servings.

3. Ambiance

The place was cozy but i found it too small. i wonder how it looks during peak time hours but they also offer seats outside the shop. Since i went there almost closing time i feel comfortable with my own table. I can suggest maybe they could have some jazz sounds. Nevertheless it was pretty good. 

4. Staffs

The staffs were really nice and i think it was really good bonus coz you don't always find really nice staffs on other cafes. I went there to try their churros but it was already sold out and it really makes me sad so i ordered pretzels instead and the staff on the cashier is too nice to let me try their dipping for the churros to match my pretzels. I think hes the manager.. Hehe thanks manager for letting me try those dippings. It was perfect not because they are free but it actually taste good.

Over all i can recommend the place to everybody specially for those who love tea. And oh.. they offer 50% discount on muffins at 7pm until their closing. They closes at 8pm on sunday but I'm not sure during weekdays. So enjoy your visit!

For my verdict, 


1. Location - 20/20

2. Food- 30/30

3. Ambiance- 15/25

4. Staff- 25/25

TOTAL: 90/100 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flowers and Sunshine

It's nice to see the sun in the morning coz it actually gave you the strength to perform various acts and meet all your schedule without getting wet on the rain. Im so happy that i decided to wear this floral silk dress for a special event.

I got this cute dress on SM Girl Teen Wear section, i like it coz its silk and you dont actually need to iron it if you lay it out good on hanging. I hate ironing clothes it was maybe the laziest homeduty for me. I dont know why but i dont want to spend time doing it sweating and you cant even wash your hands after doing it kasi "mapapasma" ka daw, that's the term they use for that. The shoes it one of the favorite, it's old rose in color kinda pinkish and it doesnt have the killer heels so you can actually run and roam all over places, and it looks simple and elegant for me. I love pairing it on different styles. Well, i bought the bag on divisoria. You can buy a lot of stuffs on a way cheaper price just make sure you look for the quality as well coz having a great deal is by having the good quality on affordable prices. This bag looks really girly for me because of the colors but im glad it matches my dress. It also have slings which i remove because its teddy bears and it might not look good on the entire outfit. Add a sunglasses and your ready to go. 

I really love the floral prints on thies dress

Have a good day. 

Also, join my international summer giveaway from PersunMall. Goodluck ladies. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hi guys.. I have goodnews for you and yes you read it right im conducting my first international blog giveaway courtesy of Persunmall! Are you excited as i am? Well lets get it started....shall we? 

There will be one winner for every 60 participants so the more participants the more winners will be selected. Here are the items that you could win:

Persunmall also prepares a $100 gift card "lucky price" so everyone has a chance to win. Again, the more participants the more the winners. 

To JOIN you have to do the following:
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This giveaway will end on July 15, 2013. Winners will be announced on PersunMall Offcial Page and FB page on July 19. Persunmall marketing team will be the one who will contact the winners by email. 

Goodluck and spread the good news!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Handkerchief Hair Bow Tutorial

I'll be showing you how to use your cute handkerchiefs as a hair bow. Just make sure you haven't use them yet. Okie! Lets start..

So easy right... Try them out! You can take pictures and comment down below so i can see it.. 

Till next time. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

LUCIDO-L: Hair Problem Solution

Does your hair get damaged by everyday blow dry? Teasing? Dyeing? Ironing and Curling?

Tired of having dry and frizzy hair? Tangled hair? Unhealthy hair and so on?

Well your not the only person who feels that way.. I do and many of the girls out there were having those problems.. I was thinking that the only solution to this dilemma was going to those salons and spending a lot of money just to get my hair go back to its healthy state. 

I was styling my hair for a couple of months now and i got recently dye my hair. I thought i won't damage my hair too much if i try dyeing it but after a few weeks, few months it got worst and worst and worst.. It got dry and become more frizzy..i super missed my long straight healthy hair.. I can't just let it die and i need to do something to save my crowning glory! So i was surfing the net the other day to find natural way to cure my hair but i decided to read blogs from my favorite bloggers just to keep myself away from disappointment that day... I started visiting Tricia Gosingtian of triciawillgoplaces and when i open her blog... wola! her post actually answer my prayers as if she knows whats going on my mind the whole time... She was like a fairy godmother who was about to grant my wish.. Well she actually might grant my wish coz at the end of her blog post she was having a giveaway! A daily supplement for hair which is LUCIDO-L, according to what i have read its a Japanese brand that can restore the capability of our hair to lock-in moisture and nutrients... Isn't great! I really wanted to WIN these!!! As in i WANTED! 

So here i am working on it coz i LOVE to have those Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil Straight and Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Styling Milk Straight - to repair my damaged, unmanageable and frizzy hair because of dryness and coloring. 

photo grabbed to triciawillgoplaces

photo grabbed to triciawillgoplaces

I was really happy that this products landed already here in the Philippines.. I get so much excited.. i really WANTED to TRY them out. So me pray to WIN these LUCIDO-L!!! coz 
I really really wanted to END this days....:


Love your hair as it takes you to beautiful memories..^^
Pray to God to win these but if you don't still pray for him as he gave you the chance to win these.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award

I was nominated yesterday by Kaye Lameyra of blogtoexpress for The Liebster Blog Award. It was actually the second time i got nominated, the first was last year. Anyway, im so happy that i can be able to extend myself to other blogger out there, i mean i dont have a real close friends who actually blog like i do so im really into looking blogger friends..

1. Dont forget to link back to the person who nominated you.  
2. Answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the one who nominated you. 
3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers . 
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.  
5. Go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

So shall we start? Im going to answer the 10 questions given to me by Kaye. 


1. Why did you start a blog?
I star blogging on 2008, its just a typical online diary for me but it only last about 6months due to my heavy schedule in school.. Well school was my only culprit.. It was originally named as "its lady exquisite" coz  it generally talks about me and then i return from grave last March 2012 and decided to create a new face for my blog. I changed the name to "Hanniel tries to have THE EXQUISITE LIFE". Well, i wanted to write on my life journey, talk about interesting stuffs on whats new and hot, be with people and actually learn from them and enjoy life until to its exquisite spot. Plus i love 
reading blogs so i think it influenced me a lot. Haha ang dami ko ng sinabi..hayz sorry im so talkative..^^ 

2. Every lady has her favorite lipstick. What's yours? 
I dont have a specific favorite. I use lipstick occasionaly, i prefer lipbalms and lipgloss coz it actually enhance my natural lip color. I always go for natural.

3. Do you have any beauty secret, or beauty routine? If so, what are they?
No, i dont have specific beauty routine. I just always wash my face with plain water and a mild soap. I dont know if its a beauty secret or not but i prefer a little cold water when washing my face coz it actually minimizes pores and prevents pimples. Just add 2 cubes of ice on the water, youll gonna love a refreshing feeling as well. 

4. How long have you been blogging? 
Uhmm when i get from grave...its a year and a half.

5. What are your top 3 drugstore makeup finds?
Im not a real fan of pls bare with my answers. ^^
1. L.a Passion creamy lipstick in Garnet. Its a deep red color lipstick, i like its real effect on my lips specially when i want to have those AnneCurtis red lips..haha You could find it on watsons.
2. Maybelline lipgloss.. Any of those will do for me. :)
3. Nivea whitening inner cell repair cream in berry and licorice extract..haha memorize ko talaga. Ive been using it for 3years now and i can say it was nicest moisturizer for me....(Pause) Is it considered as makeup? Yes for me!

6. Can you go out of the house without makeup?

7. How often do you update your blog? 
Haha... I always try my best to update it as much as i could. 

8. What is your most trusted makeup brand?
Uhmm i think mac...ive already try some of their products and it was really ok for me since i had a very sensitive skin. Doesnt feel anything bad for my face and never had rashes after i used it. Thanks to my friend Nikka shes a makeup artist so of you need one ill recommend her. ^^ (nagpromote)

9.  How often do you wear makeup? 

10. In your opinion, what is the most necessary product that you use frequently?
Moisturizer and a lipbalm.

-------- i hope Kaye would love my answers.. ----------

1. Tricia Alarilla of Tricia Alarilla
2. Jennifer Intrepido of Beyond Boundaries
3. Barbieann of Barbie Anne
4. Stephanie Segundo of Elements
5. Chloe Rose dela Rosa of Just Keep Dreaming
6. Jhaney of The Pink Column
7. Pam Reazon of Style Escapades
8. Mai of Dashing Dreams
9. Key Zell Abunda of  Itsthezellway
10. Jill Lao of Plenty to Wear

1. What influenced you to blog? Why?
2. How do you come up with the name of your blog?
3. Who do you admire in the fashion industry? Why? 
4. What's your favorite fashion statement? Any favorite brand?
5. Site 3 of your interest or something you want to try out.
6. Give a song that reflects either your mood, personality or life or a latest favorite song.
7. Whats your favorite restaurant? Recommend a food.
8. Do have a hobby? What are those?
9. Describe what kind of people you are... Or gave 10 facts about you.
10.  What was your ultimate dream? 

------- Here it goes.. Im super excited to read your answers,  sorry if my questions doesnt really connect with each other coz i really wanted to squeeze out more.. --------
I would love it if you follow me on Google Friend Connect and on Bloglovin.. :)

Have a nice day! ^^

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Design, Create & Post!

Rain rain go away, come again another day.. Little hanniel wants to play oh rain rain go away... :(

Hi guys.. Its raining at our place now.. Real heavy pour as if it was holding it for the entire summer day. These clouds maybe gets tired of controlling their tears.. Augh! Summer is finally over yet i haven't been posting all my summer agendas..  Anyway, ive been surfing around the apps store and find these super cool application "granimator" and "phoster" a perfect combination to create your own personalized wallpaper, posters and invitations.. Cool right? 

Granimator, its a graphic wallpaper creator where you can choose from 40different artist packs which you could download for free. You can select your own style, shape color patterns, background, etc. which come up with sounds. To give you some idea, here how it looks like:

You could download more artistic packs for a variety of choices...^^

Meanwhile, You could collaborate your created wallpaper to make a poster or invitations using Phoster.

So here you have it.. I used chalkboards to pin out datas.. 

Here are some of my work.^^ hope you like it. I just take a shot of my gallery..

I enjoy doing this stuffs and hopefully i can help you in any way. Thanks for reading!

Life is full of love!

If you have dowloaded this apps and enjoy creating like i can comment down below and share your creations as well..

Monday, June 3, 2013

What if?

I was recently wondering a lot of things including what ive really wanting to do.. I mean there is a point in your life that you ask yourself "what if"... A point in your life that you wanted to turn back and redo everything you've done.. Or either do something different or maybe doing what you really wanted....

A Voice Lesson

I remember back then that i used to sing a lot..times that you have to buy a lot of cd videoke tapes to find your know the 90's stuffs, unlike nowadays the magic sing microphones are just a click away... Anyway, yes..i sing a lot until my brother and sister teased me that i dont have a good voice..ugh! But eventually as i grew up and gained a little confidence, i manage to enhance my singing and sing in front of other people including school programs back in highschool and some weddings of friends and relatives. So i've been wondering lately what if... What if i take those voice lessons back then? Maybe..just maybe i could have that confident to sing out loud in front of other people..haha oh well, i dont have that spectacular voice just a bearable one and bathroom is still where my big concierto happened...


I used to attend acting class when i was a child, times that you want to terminate those shyness. Im a shy kid and somehow im still right now.. I sign up in theatro when i was in highschool, it was fun and i had a lot of amazing memories. I gain friends and it leveled up my confidence but when i started college, my entire theather life ended.. I had a culture shock on my first term in college.. im not used to be with a lot of students coz i live in my little school back in highschool where there are a maximum of 3 sections per year... So what if i still audition even if im still in a middle of culture shock? What if i still pursue it regardless of heavy schedule? Maybe, just maybe im still developing and enhancing my skills and performing is still part of my life. However, i still wanted to perform and theather will always had a spot in my heart... Mag-artista kaya ako? Chos! Joke lang! 


I always wanted to engaged myself into sports like volleyball, badminton, swimming and tennis but i guess im not the athletic type of person. I remember when i used to have those big bruises in my arms when i try to play volleyball...i think im not doing it right..hehe but after that i seldomly play that sport again. I guess its on the blood as well, no one in the family is an athlete or either no one really gets interested in sports. So what if i try harder and really engaged myself to sport? What if i get to play one of those? Maybe, just maybe ill be more fit and i get a really good stamina. Maybe i can influence my family to make it a really good form of bonding or maybe i can be a varsity back in college and get scholarship through it.. Oh I regret those times i didn't try harder.. I guess its late to be a varsity but its not too late to get a little sporty right? I can swim.. so i think i can take few lessons of swimming to make me a better swimmer.. Goal!

Im not saying that i dont like my life now.. I am happy and eventually taking another step to fullfil my dreams... It just that there are things that you wish you had done before..or maybe i had another dream that i've wanted to fullfil... Im a dreamer and im dreaming a lot of things. I know i can not do them all through out together, for now i have to focus myself for bigger responsibilities as i entered the real world of industry.. 

So if you are passionate to do something.. Do it now! Dont let your weakness and excuses stop you instead take it as a first step to be your strength, to become more happy and be a better individuals. It never too late there is still time fo everything, chances for everything, to explore and learn and be more positive.. Remember that success always starts with you! 

Have a good day readers and ill be glad to hear your stories as well.. 

Life is full of love,

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Dream..

Dress/ SM GTW

 Finally, I'm back from grave.. haha I've been in a hibernate mode this past few months and it's a way way long story for a lot of reasons.. i know making a lot of reasons is not really good excuse but to make the reason short..i mean story short.. here's the real culprit.. 

Congratulations to me!!! I've finally got my diploma.. 

It's a great achievement for me so i'm sharing you this one. It's like I've been taking another step closer to my dreams.. I feel happy and nervous at the same time because i'll be working sooner or later. hopefully i'll get the best job I've ever dream of.. so please real world be nice to me. ^^ 

Ill be blogging more often to update you guys from a lot of things... 

Life if full of love ladies.. ^^

Here's a song for you, i found their youtube channel way to awesome... they are so good! Chill..