Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SuperB Bazaar

Hello everyone.. How's your pockets? Have you visit the Superb Bazaar held last weekend? I do and it goes pretty awesome.. I'm so happy with I had purchased and my BFF enjoy themselves as well. Here are some of the shots i took during the bazaar sorry if I only had a couple since we want to visit every store and won't missed anything..^^

These in trend accessories must be on those shopping bags.. I'm quite sure you'll agree with me. :) 

I have mentioned on my previous blogs that I'm into hair accessories this past few weeks that's why my BFF and I first stop is this shop who offer hair bun gadget. It was easy to use and guaranteed perfect hair bun same effect when you use a socks bun.  

Mind you, ate which I can't remember her name told us that having those perfect bun needs practice and it's true. ^^

Another hair bun gadget with cool prints like this one but we purchased the black one since it was more convenient to use.

Stores offer these Killer Heels, Clothes, Bags..etc. 

The old version of me..haha

Shopping buddies.. Ezra and Jeng..

WHAT I WEAR: Shoes/ Shubizz, Bag/ Robinsons Dept. Store @ Bags, Sweater / From last years Bazaar

I'm excited with next bazaar..^^ We also went to MOA that day and we visit my favorite pastry store there, the Chocolat. I'll make a review on my next blog..
Happy reading..^^ xoxo


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