Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paint me blue and violet..

 Spot the difference..haha^^

 What I wear:
 Silk blouse / Thai Shan Fashion
Flats / Chanel
Bag and Blue Top / I got it from Tiangge
Skirt / Random Store
Accessories / DIY

 Paint me blue and violet.. i love mixing these two colors. Since i've done my nail art on in this post "HERE" . I try to wear something that combines well with the bold color of my nails. Good this is that I had this silk  blouse that i got from my lola.. It was perfect! the violet and blue tulip flowers print makes it extra cute. I wear it to layer my plain blue top to add a little drama and to minimized the "ginaw factor" since it was raining that night. 

 DIY Bohemian inspired accessories.. i just choose to combine neutral and colored ones to not over exaggerate the color combination..

 This flats is one of my favorite.. its old and i had used them X times already so you could notice some color stains that proves how much i take advantage it's comfort..^^

I hope everybody was enjoying the cold weather tonight.. 


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  2. yey! :) I already followed you :) thank you for following me :)

    1. np.. ^^ thanks for following me as well..^^


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