Friday, October 5, 2012

milky way!!

oh well another indoor picture taking.. blame the weather...although i like the cold breeze yesterday and the little rain.. i wish the sun did sneak a peak for me to be able to take pictures outside..

oh well, ang maldita daw ng peg ko.. haha im not a real fan of red lipstick but i like the way did red lipstick looks into my lips.. it looks really red on the tube but it turn out to be red-violet with a pinkish touch... i cant exactly explain the color but i did like it.. period. uhmmm Milky way.. that's how i see this top that i got for a real bargain.. won't tell how much but it's a real steal..

OMG! im gaining weight... i really need to hit the gym.
1. ombre flower ring / Ethereal
2. shoulder bag / Guess
3. snakeskin heels / Parisian 
4. necklace / Random Store



  1. Gorgeous look,love the necklace

    1. thank you joy.. really appreciate it.^^ more power to your blog. :D

  2. Nice necklace :)


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