Monday, October 22, 2012

It's SUNday!

Goodmorning! i really don't know how to start the intro but it was a really nice morning.. The sun did shine so bright yesterday so took the chance to take photos outside..  and yes it's SUNday!!!  

I'm so into hair gadgets this past few weeks so here it is.. i wear my newly bought hair accessories. I like the way it gives a classic and girly girly look on my hair...^^
I had this dress a long time ago and it became one of my favorite because of the fabric.. it was really comfortable specially on a hot day.. plus the color was so feminine. 
WHAT I WEAR: Dress/ Petite Monde, Shoes/ Priviledge, Hair Accessories/ Bangles/ Wellmanson

Sorry it was a really fast post so i'll leave you with a "have a nice morning!" ^^


  1. Hi, Hanniel! Thank you for your kind words and for dropping by my blog. I already followed you on Google Connect. Thanks, again!

    1. yey! thanks din for dropping by i really appreciate it..^^


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