Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Lady Exquisite Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

School is finally over and I'm so happy for passing all my subjects..^^ yey! I had a reason to celebrate after a long suffering hell week. Anyways, I had a break for a week so I'm pretty excited to maximize my time cause after that I'm going back to reality where stress is everywhere. Well, the difference is that I'm having my On-Job-Training this coming term.... i really don't know what's gonna happen but I'm really looking forward to a nice internship but one this is for sure.. I'll do my BEST!  and yes it's on caps-lock and with exclamation point. I'm so nervous to death.. haha 

Anyway, i wanted share my happiness by conducting my first blog giveaway. i really appreciate the feedback and for spending time to read my blog.. no sponsors yet but im still working on i bought it in my own pockets..^^ haha i also make a page account for me to easily monitor your entry and for updates as well. so are you ready?

This Giveaway is open for Philippines residence only.. ^^

Here are 3 easy steps you need to do:

1. You MUST be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect. Click "Join this site" on the right side corner. (I will check on this.)
2. Like ME on Facebook. Make this your status: "I want to win a dress from It's Lady Exquisite Blog!  Click here:" Don't Forget to tag me, include the link and tag 3 of your friends.

3. Follow ME on Twitter and tweet this: "I want to win a dress from It's Lady Exquisite Blog! @hannieleugenio Click here:" Don't Forget to tag me, include the link and tag 3 of your friends.

Comment your name, email address, GFC name that you used, Facebook and Twitter names including the links of your status and tweet.

Winner will be randomly pick on November 26, 2012. 

One entry per person only. Double entry will disqualified you.
I'll be checking if you follow the steps. These are 3 easy steps so I'm expecting you follow it properly.
For the winner, you will be the one to pick it up..^^

Goodluck everyone!


  1. goodluck girl..ur blogs inspires and pushes me to be a blogger too. ^_^

    1. haha.. super waley nga mga post ko.. super busy kasi sa school. anyway thanks..^^

  2. jenelle odiame
    fb: jeng gador
    twitter name: @blissfully_meee
    gfc: jenelle odiame

  3. styne eugenio
    fb name: styne eugenio
    twitter name: @ishtyneybubbles
    fb link:
    twitter link:
    gfc name: styne

  4. Crystal Cruz
    gfc: Crystal Cruz
    fb name: Crystal Cruz

  5. mary grace cesar
    gfc: grace
    fb name: mary grace cesar
    twitter name: ghreiys
    fb link:
    twitter link:

  6. name: Lalaine Alarcon
    email address:
    GFC name: Lalaine Alarcon
    Facebook: Lalaine Alarcon /
    Twitter: @lalarcon24 /

  7. RiCalyn Sicad
    Ricalyn (ricalynsicad) (@rsicad)

  8. Arra Morta
    GFC: arra
    FB: arra morta
    Twitter: @NakedArra

  9. Marine Rose Decena
    Mai Decena
    FB:Marine Rose Decena

  10. sherry ann gole cruz
    fb name:sherry ann

  11. name: Say Yap
    fb: Say Yap
    twitter: @SAYjazzy9
    gfc: Say Yap

  12. name: Melody Aclan
    email address:
    GFC name: mhed aclan
    Facebook name: Mel Aclan,
    Twitter name: @MheMhike,


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