Saturday, October 27, 2012

i ♥ chocolat

Everybody has sweet tooth specially girls and im included..^^  so i wanna share you guys one of my favorite pastry shop.. the "Chocolat" at SM Mall of Asia.. One thing i love about this shop is that their cakes and fudge bars are not too sweet for me and they offer sugar free as well..  i was really hoping that they offer more sugar free cakes. 

Their sugar free chocolate mousse..yum 

My personal favorite, their fudge bars specially the walnut brownie ; 35php/ pc, 175php half box (8pcs.), 315php whole box (16pcs.). Mind you they are irresistible..

My friends and i having a break after a long walk of shopping..^^ im so happy that we get to bond each other after a very long time of busy days.. we should do a second round... i cant wait to see it coming.. :)

 Hi Jeng i grab this 2 photos from your fb..haha thanks.

goofing on the cozy place..

Here it goes.. you must visit the place.. ^^
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my rate: 5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (highest)

more love xoxo ♥ 


  1. Thanks for sharing this one! Will go check em out some time when I visit MOA I hope they have a branch just near our place. Anyway, nice blog you have here!


    1. you're welcome.. i really appreciate that you drop by and leave a comment. i will certainly check your blog.. ill be more happier if we follow each other.. just tell me..^^ thank you so much.

    2. Yeah, sure. Let's follow each other. :)


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