Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nature LOver..♥♥♥

i got lucky that day for the lovely weather.. "haring araw" (sun) and the cold breeze compliments each other and really makes the day..^^ it's always been nice to stare at the sky with your other siblings and exchange imaginations on cloud formations...we love doing that since we were kids. it's a stress reliever! i swear..^^ how about you guys, what did you see on this cloud formations? uhmm.. well i see    care bear floating in the air..haha    

What I Wear: Dress; Samlin
Cardigan; Bench
White Wedge; Jazz
Flower Connecting Ring and Heart Ring; Wellmanson
Swarovski Earrings and Necklace; Ethereal

Detail on top:

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Till next blogging..^^


  1. You look amazing! I love your jewelry especially

    1. thank you lilith...^^ appreciate if we follow each other..


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