Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nature LOver..♥♥♥

i got lucky that day for the lovely weather.. "haring araw" (sun) and the cold breeze compliments each other and really makes the day..^^ it's always been nice to stare at the sky with your other siblings and exchange imaginations on cloud formations...we love doing that since we were kids. it's a stress reliever! i swear..^^ how about you guys, what did you see on this cloud formations? uhmm.. well i see    care bear floating in the air..haha    

What I Wear: Dress; Samlin
Cardigan; Bench
White Wedge; Jazz
Flower Connecting Ring and Heart Ring; Wellmanson
Swarovski Earrings and Necklace; Ethereal

Detail on top:

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Till next blogging..^^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fair Weather Friend

Pink are one of my favorite color..haha (girl na girl) In this tropical country we need comfy and breezy clothes. This dress from Samlin are perfect, feminine and sophisticated..^^

What I Wear: Pink Printed Dress, Samlin
Cream Wedge, Priviledge
Ring, Wellmanson
Bag, Dior

Detail on top:

Till next blogging..^^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera Experience

yes... you're right.. i watched the Phantom of the Opera at the CCP Theater and it was pretty amazing..^^ It's a Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, Francis Lumen, Smart, and Citibank Philippines collaboration to bring Broadway's longest-running musical to the Philippines. Andrew Lloyd Webber's megamusical "The Phantom of the Opera", based from the french novel Le Fantome de l'Opera by Gaston Leroux get's its premiere after 24years. 

Oh well, i got the opportunity to look around with no one else is there to bother me..hahaha

A photo exhibit of Andrew Llyod Webber's masterpeice, featuring interesting facts and awesome production to connect people into the majestic world of art at the Vicente Manansala, 2F/ Hallway Gallery. 

Mr. Andrew Llyod Webber

The Phantom's Trail

The costumes are really fantastic. I super like the elegant touches of gold and shimmers on every gown as well as the powerful colors that really captivates the eyes of the audience. It was pretty amazing!

Re-Creating the Phantom

Aside from the costumes, these two main character namely Christine (a Swedish soprano) and La Carlotta, a spoiled prima donna (the lead suprano of the Paris opera house) had those fantastic voices which i envy a lot...hahaha

 The Paris Opera House

oh well..the star of the show, the most awaited character the "Phantom" or the "Opera Ghost" namely Erik. I super get excited to hear him sing. He has those voice that mainly attracts women like me..^^ plus this portion of the musical were truly amazing, it seems like they are really in the water.. 

 Returning Home

Mind you guys the musical staging and choreography were perfect! I experience goosebumps everytime..haha

 Inspired by the Novel

Talking about goosebumps, this part actually gave me another one...^^ The orchestra really did a great job as well coz without them it wouldn't had a trill on every scene.. Bravo!!!!

The center stage.. sorry camera's are off limits when the show starts so i take the chance to take photos before it finally starts..^^

Last Stop...Outfit Post:

What I Wear: Black Chiffon Top
Printed Kimono; Ethereal
Black Jeans 
Flats; Vivienne Westwood
Ring; SM Accessories
Eyeglass; Giordano

I had fun and amazing experience!
Till next blogging..^^

P.S. photos on the gallery were just shots i took that day..cropped and edited by me for you to experience it as well.^^ Happy reading.