Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweets for my Tweets..^^

hi... im so stress and depressed these past few weeks.. i wish i could tell you why but i thought of keeping it as private... ^^ anyway, icecream, cake, chocolate, dates or anything sweets are my comfort food.. these could really make me happy.. :) 

thank's to my baby he really knows what i wanted!
Lyndt mint chocolates, they are so hard to find here.. i was even looking for it at duty free but they are not available.. the good thing is my bf have it for me..yey!!!! plus another reason to smile.. DATES, from sandbox (Saudi).. he gave this to me a couple of months ago but still i haven't finished it..haha (tinitipid ko..haha^^)

well, last wednesday because of too much boredom and craving for sweets i made a dates refrigerated cake and peaches refrigerated cake ...yummmy!!

here are some of the shots of what i made.. 
im happy there are adequate lighting for my shots..^^

hope i had shared you the cravings...^^
make you own as well and ill be glad to crave for it..

till next blogging..^^


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