Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweet tooth, Sweet love..^^

Hi there. Due to the tough rainstorm and gloomy day classes were suspended tommorrow..haha how I wish our school can actually and suspend classes on a very right moment specially if I have evening classes and when the flood actually look like pacific ocean.. I hate evening classes! Anyway, I miss blogging this past few days..awwwwwwww!!!! You know college life is equivalent of tons of work plus lab reports but I really wanted to take blogging seriously. I wish I could get followers and readers. Cross fingers! Ok enough of wishing..

Well…. back to my title, sweet tooth….? Does anyone have one? Ofcourse a lot of women do….and im included. I’m a real fan of sweets and I admit chocolates and icecream are my favorite..^^ but few people only know that I love dates too… haha but after I post it you might actually know it too. ^^ Dates are not really famous here in the Philippines so it’s hard for me to find one but thanks again to my bf he really knows how to get me one… I love him so much!!!

He surprised me with Omara Dates Chocolate and Lindt Dark Chocolate fresh from sandbox..

And another thing that surprised me? Tada! Still perfume by Jennifer Lopez… it reminded me of her song “Dance Again” coz that’s what I actually feel like doing right now! Anyway, I’m not a real fan of perfume coz I don’t like the strong and distinct smell it gives you but I actually like this one. This one smells fresh and new for me and “bagay daw sakin ung scent”hahaha Thank you so much to my beloved and to his mom and dad who gave me this..^^

Here’s the song.. I wanna share you the good vibes I’m feeling right now….^^ enjoy!!! Ah oh don’t mind the vid and some of the lyrics. I didn’t like it that much but I’m so inlove with the beat…^^

till next blogging...^^


  1. If I'm a sweet tooth? As I'm reading you, I'm eating a strawberry with cream cake ahaha *guilty* hope you tons of luck (and work) for your blogging :)


  2. Oh, and thanks for participating in my giveaway :)


    Sandra @

    1. no problem..^^ ill check your blog for updates..^^


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