Thursday, August 2, 2012

starry starry X chaTime = FUN!

hi there.. im glad that despite of a very erratic weather i still manage to style myself..haha not to mention that i had a very gloomy morning.. anyway my friends and i had a plan of a chitchat bonding today so.. first stop: outfit post!

here is what i wear.. thanks to khime for taking me pictures..^^ sorry we took photos at our school comfort room since we are avoiding too much people around...haha 

with cardingan...

and without cardigan..

closer look to my jeans prints..^^ it!

the accesories..^^ i post about it HERE..

so enough for my outfit post..

here are the best girls in the world...khimetots and rentots and im nieltots...haha
anyway, we had a great chitchat bond plus do your assignment thing.. well, we suppose to have coffee at starbucks but the place was too occupied so we decided to have tea at "chatime" at SM Manila..

the cozy ceiling....

here we go the best two girls...^^ right: rentots, left: khimetots




hahaha... just checking my blog..^^

awwwwww...studiying or copying? YOU JUDGE! HAHA 

i look so pale daw so wola!!!.. red lipstick is the only solution..hahaha

so that's it....i had a really great time...

till next blogging...^^


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