Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why i wanted to win Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Want to be organized in a cute fashion way? Howard Storage World is the best answer. ^^

I’ve been so organized with my stuffs since I was kid. I remember that I used to make my own do-it-yourself storages for my books, accessories, clothes, bags and shoes. I admit I don’t have a lot of those but I always make sure that all of them are being loved and taking cared of. Why? Because I just don’t consider them as my stuffs but I considered them as my investment and a bestfriend that are part of my ventures. ^^ I save money from my allowance and I work just to have them. I remember my dad told me… “You really know the worth of something if you work hard and spend time and sweat just to have them so treasure them. “  I thank him for teaching me that. ^^

And as i was browsing at HSW facebook fan page i saw this,

The moment i saw it I get really excited to join and when i saw the mechanics which we have to write why we deserve to win this, i said that i really have to win this.. since I've been saving so much the first time i saw this at Robinsons Place Ermita and knowing the fact that i can have them by winning this.. i wont miss the opportunity..^^  

So now as part of my entry, i deserve to win a Php 10,000 wardrobe showcase from Howards Storage World because i wanted to show my stuffs that I treasured them a lot, I wanted to give them a new home with the best things from Howard Storage World cared of Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest. 

I was really hoping I’ll win this.. ^^


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