Friday, July 27, 2012


i always love reading blogs specially for those who i really followed everyday.. and cheyser pedregosa was one of them.. her post was really inspiring.. (i hope i can be a good blogger as her..^^) recently i join her TWR birthday week giveaway which i join most of it but this one really gave me the WOW face..^^ the DAY 6 Blackberry Birthday Giveaway... 

i want blackberry 9220 so badly because i always wanted to keep in touch with my loved ones plus im saving money to buy blackberry phone coz i really wanted to replace my old which is not functioning well...and since i always buy my own stuff it took me so much time just to buy what i want...usually i ended up sacrificing my wants with what i need.. but when i saw cheyser's giveaway... i said i wanted to win this!!!! i need to win this.. i hope i win this..^^

i know there's a wide variety of phones nowadays but personally why i wanted a blackberry phone?

1.) Their models are loaded with cooler and fantastic applications and i have also heard that it can do multitasking which you can run more than one application at a time..and i can sync my data with my pc.
2.) They are powerful enough to execute various functions flawlessly and perfectly (including text messaging, sending emails, multimedia applications and mobile telephony).
3.) They have good and soft qwerty keyboards..^^
4.) They look really sophisticated and corporate and i can expand its capacity as much as 32Gb.
5.) Lastly, it has long battery lifetime which means i can connect to my loved ones simultaneously..^^

i was really hoping of winning this.. ill be praying for that tonight..^^

and oh before i forgot..Happy Birthday Chyser..^^


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