Tuesday, July 24, 2012


                             hi there...been busy to change clothes for an event?

well, these two basics....a plain top with a printed jeans/tights.. can be totally different wardrobe by just changing your accessories.. isn't a good news..?

having something printed on your outfit can be easily helpful to change colors from shoes to accessories, from rock to glam.. im a school girl and i wanted to wear something comfy but with style that's why im always on a flats and chucks for me to easily do my errands and after that i eventually i need to hurry to change clothes to be appropriate for an event.. well that's always been my dilemma.. but after reading so much blog about styling and accessible clothing.. i think i had this great idea and great styling as well..

here..let me share you my polyvore peg..from rocking school outfit to a glam outfit for going out with friends or attending an event..^^


hope i can use this peg as early as possible..
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hope you like my idea and help you as well..^^

till next blogging..^^


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