Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Printed Tights..^^

hi.. i bought this months ago.. sorry for late post.. anyway, im real fan of prints simply because it can spice up and add attitude to your every outfit.. plus it gave you the illusion of accessorizing.. well that was my favorite part coz sometimes when im on the hurry i ended up forgetting to accessorize.. 

well, there's a lot of cool prints on that shop so i just grab all the prints that i want and i ended up with these four, here are some of the shots.^^

one in neon orange, white with neon swirls, black and light brown for neutrals..^^ 

closer look... and oh i have already wear the neon orange.. check out my earlier post HERE.

anyway if you had questions.. you can leave a comment below.
till next blogging..^^


  1. I sure am not crazy about those prints you choose. There's just too much going on I don't really know where to focus my eyes. I guess that's the illusion of it. And I don't think we have the same taste when it comes to this.

    1. thanks for the comment.... i had lots of plain shirt so i buy those for mix and match incase im not in the mood to accessorize.. i like the way it spice up my plain aura..^^ really appreciate your feedback.


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