Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hi..sorry for being not so punctual at making posts… I’ve been so very busy these past few months that I can’t spend so much time in front of my laptop… but I promise to really try my best to update you at least twice a week..

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to share my new babies..^^ these cute necklace and earrings are way awesome. i found so much like this in online shops and i wanted to buy something like that and as i was planning to buy i found these cute pieces.. sorry but i forgot the name of the store.. well, the good thing is that they are way cheaper on the net but the quality looks really the same.. i mean you can be fashionable with these affordable ones with the same quality without sacrificing your budget.. plus you get to visit and know different people that you may get along to...^^ i took some shots so i can share them with you..^^



I wish i can show you how it shines when light strikes..^^ it has swarovski crystals inside the loops..

i love the vintage look of this earring specially the colors of swarovski crystals..^^

this one looks very modern....

that's all till next blogging..^^


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