Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Printed Tights..^^

hi.. i bought this months ago.. sorry for late post.. anyway, im real fan of prints simply because it can spice up and add attitude to your every outfit.. plus it gave you the illusion of accessorizing.. well that was my favorite part coz sometimes when im on the hurry i ended up forgetting to accessorize.. 

well, there's a lot of cool prints on that shop so i just grab all the prints that i want and i ended up with these four, here are some of the shots.^^

one in neon orange, white with neon swirls, black and light brown for neutrals..^^ 

closer look... and oh i have already wear the neon orange.. check out my earlier post HERE.

anyway if you had questions.. you can leave a comment below.
till next blogging..^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012


hi.. this is what i wear last Thursday when my bf i celebrate our 27th monthsary...^^ 

oppss.. i change my background since my friend Kareen told me that my top and the walls has the same color tone.. (thanks Kareen for taking me pictures)

Black Parisian Bag.. im totally inlove with this bag..its huge enough for my school stuff plus its really fashionable and i can match it almost with all my clothes..^^

neon orange tights, closer look with the print..^^ 

neon bangles and rings..^^

actual size on my fingers...haha huge enough..

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till next blogging..^^

Friday, July 27, 2012


i always love reading blogs specially for those who i really followed everyday.. and cheyser pedregosa was one of them.. her post was really inspiring.. (i hope i can be a good blogger as her..^^) recently i join her TWR birthday week giveaway which i join most of it but this one really gave me the WOW face..^^ the DAY 6 Blackberry Birthday Giveaway... 

i want blackberry 9220 so badly because i always wanted to keep in touch with my loved ones plus im saving money to buy blackberry phone coz i really wanted to replace my old which is not functioning well...and since i always buy my own stuff it took me so much time just to buy what i want...usually i ended up sacrificing my wants with what i need.. but when i saw cheyser's giveaway... i said i wanted to win this!!!! i need to win this.. i hope i win this..^^

i know there's a wide variety of phones nowadays but personally why i wanted a blackberry phone?

1.) Their models are loaded with cooler and fantastic applications and i have also heard that it can do multitasking which you can run more than one application at a time..and i can sync my data with my pc.
2.) They are powerful enough to execute various functions flawlessly and perfectly (including text messaging, sending emails, multimedia applications and mobile telephony).
3.) They have good and soft qwerty keyboards..^^
4.) They look really sophisticated and corporate and i can expand its capacity as much as 32Gb.
5.) Lastly, it has long battery lifetime which means i can connect to my loved ones simultaneously..^^

i was really hoping of winning this.. ill be praying for that tonight..^^

and oh before i forgot..Happy Birthday Chyser..^^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


                             hi there...been busy to change clothes for an event?

well, these two basics....a plain top with a printed jeans/tights.. can be totally different wardrobe by just changing your accessories.. isn't a good news..?

having something printed on your outfit can be easily helpful to change colors from shoes to accessories, from rock to glam.. im a school girl and i wanted to wear something comfy but with style that's why im always on a flats and chucks for me to easily do my errands and after that i eventually i need to hurry to change clothes to be appropriate for an event.. well that's always been my dilemma.. but after reading so much blog about styling and accessible clothing.. i think i had this great idea and great styling as well..

here..let me share you my polyvore peg..from rocking school outfit to a glam outfit for going out with friends or attending an event..^^


hope i can use this peg as early as possible..
do follow me on polyvore..or follow my links on the right side of my blog..
hope you like my idea and help you as well..^^

till next blogging..^^

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why i wanted to win Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Want to be organized in a cute fashion way? Howard Storage World is the best answer. ^^

I’ve been so organized with my stuffs since I was kid. I remember that I used to make my own do-it-yourself storages for my books, accessories, clothes, bags and shoes. I admit I don’t have a lot of those but I always make sure that all of them are being loved and taking cared of. Why? Because I just don’t consider them as my stuffs but I considered them as my investment and a bestfriend that are part of my ventures. ^^ I save money from my allowance and I work just to have them. I remember my dad told me… “You really know the worth of something if you work hard and spend time and sweat just to have them so treasure them. “  I thank him for teaching me that. ^^

And as i was browsing at HSW facebook fan page i saw this,

The moment i saw it I get really excited to join and when i saw the mechanics which we have to write why we deserve to win this, i said that i really have to win this.. since I've been saving so much the first time i saw this at Robinsons Place Ermita and knowing the fact that i can have them by winning this.. i wont miss the opportunity..^^  

So now as part of my entry, i deserve to win a Php 10,000 wardrobe showcase from Howards Storage World because i wanted to show my stuffs that I treasured them a lot, I wanted to give them a new home with the best things from Howard Storage World cared of Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest. 

I was really hoping I’ll win this.. ^^

Cinemalay Opening

hi there..if you constantly reading my blog you'll notice my invite with the Cinemalya this 2012.. it started last friday and they offer a free pass for the movie  "babae sa breakwater" directed by Mario O'hara.

That day my class startes at 12nn and i suppose to have an exam but too bad it was cancelled so my prof dismissed us as early as i expected.. anyway, the Cinemalaya Opening will start at 6pm and my class ends at 1pm.. so have to wait for almost 4hrs just to get there... well, the idea of waiting pissed me off but thanks to these two lovely ladies, Camille and Kareen, my best friends in school.. its worth the wait..^^ and yey i had accompany since my bf wasn't free that day..

well, here are some of my shots..^^ 

the two lovely ladies, Camille and Kareen. ofcourse with me..^^

The center stage.. with lights off and light on..

well this chandeliers always fascinates me..^^ i love taking pictures of them.. 


the All Force Cinemalaya 2012.. ^ (curtain's off)

after presenting the trailer and directors of each entry.. everybody was invited to watch the movie "Babae sa Breakwater".. of sorry guys.. i wouldn't tell you the story.. i'ts for you to watch it..^^

inside the theather, 

before director Laurice Guillen.. this girl shows the superb acting..^^

having her speech and tribute to Mr. Mario O'hara

after the movie... here we again.. taking pictures..^^ haha

oh.. who would miss to take this a picture..?

another picture taking..on different spot..ohhhh we love taking pictures..^^

the Cinemalaya poster gallery..^^ 

time to go home..^^

oh wait.. last shot at CCP theater featuring the cinemalaya.. i took it inside the shuttle when the red traffic light is still on..^^ 

my outfit post.. thank you Kareen for taking me a picture..

Orange Cardigan/ Black tights/Parisian Bag/ Shubizz Boots

Hype on Lookbook

favorite on chictopia 

program brochure is available inside the CCP hall..

till next blogging..^^