Wednesday, May 9, 2012

you blue me away..^^

hi there...i got so lucky today to have some free time to blog.. anyways my sister and i had a great bond together last sunday. its been so long since we last visit the mall due to heavy schedule in school and sunday's was our only free day... thank God there's sunday's. well, the usual we go there to have some tea and we bought flats. were a big fan of flats since we don't want to sacrifice our feet over high heels. i mean they can still be fashionable with their cute designs plus its really comfy.. these are what we got..^^

solemate flats : royal blue, fuchsia pink, orange and light blue. 

my favorite, i love maybelline products.. got a new flavor of baby lipbalm, orange^^

what i got for our new favorite shop.. Chica Booti..^^

uhmmmm, im not suppose to upload it but i found it really cute.. i just bought this since i got paranoid over diseases you can get by using utensils at restaurants.. haha take note im not using these on a restaurant ok...i found it really awkward...but im using these in school...^^

what i wear.. hype me on Lookbook and favorite me on Chictopia..^^

Blue dress, Maldita
Bag: DIY round bag.. visit here on how i made it.
white knitted cardigan, Bench
accessories: random shops
Flats: royal blue flats, Solemate shoes

till next blogging..^^

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  1. Good thing you get to bond with your sister! :) I really love those flats, especially the pink one! Hihi.

    Much love ♥


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