Friday, April 13, 2012


It’s a wonderful day yesterday even if the sun shines really hot…but what makes it wonderful is that I spend my entire whole day with my bff “boyfriend forever”….

He starts the day bypreparing lunch for me and he cooks it all by himself. How sweet..^^ it’s stewed vegetables with shrimp and tempura with sweet pantai chili sauce. yumyumyum!! He really captures my heart with these dishes…hahaha well, he already captures it a long time ago..

After that we went to “Aliwan Festival” right beside the CCP Compelex. It’s a three day festival that they celebrate yearly. It started from April 12-14, 2012 (Thursday to Saturday) and I advise you to visit it as well there are a lot of delicacies, food, home decors, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. you’re surely enjoy it. There is also parade at noon and bands that performs in front of the Aliw Theater at night. I enjoy it a lot as I bought delicacies.

Look what my bf got me..a really nice bracelet.. I super love it! The charms attached were so me..^^

We didn’t spend the entire afternoon at the festival since our real agenda there is to enjoy the rides at the Star City it’s just so happened that the first day of the festival is actually the same day that we planned to visit the theme park. Two purpose at a time..^^ hahaha

Anyways, we got a free ride-all-you-can ticket so were surely try all of the rides there. It’s been two years since I last visited there and he was still a kid so were really excited to see new rides.

The Surf Dance, Tornado, Star Flyer were some of the new rides.We also enjoy the old rides such as the Carousel, the Ferris Wheel, Jungle Splash, Pirate Adventure, Bumper Cars and a lot more.. but sad to say the Cyclone Loop wasn’t there anymore. We also try kiddie rides and games there..uhmmm the Viking was our last ride since I was so scared to ride there..hahaha I’ve tried that ride twice before and it really makes me vomit. My stomach can’t really handle that one it feel like twisting all over again and it makes me feel so sick..hahahahaha if I had a choice I won’t ride there again! Ever! It’s just that my bf convince me since he really wanted to try it…good thing is he manage to give me some sweets to divert what I feel…hahaha

We had dinner and afterwards we bought some souvenir and here’s what we got a Star City cute^^
That’s for a wonderful day.. We had fun, love and another adventure together..and I know there’s more to come..^^

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