Sunday, April 29, 2012

Philippine Madrigal Singers

Hi! It’s been a week again since I last open my blog... I wish I could open it as frequent as I wanted. Anyways, I’ve been busy this week since my class officially started and I have to take those diagnostic exams and the too much heat absorbs all the energy I have… plus cough that I got from taking a shower after going to school… well, as I browse my photos I remember our visit in CCP to watch the “Philippine Madrigals Singers”, A Ray of Light last April 21, 2012.. The concert was great but I can tell the last year’s concert was more awesome. I’m not a big fan of them but their vocals was to die for..hahaha well here the photos..Again I’m so sorry for the late post. 


We also took some photos..haha ( we love taking pictures) plus we visit the gallery hall since the old photos I posted on my other blog “CCP Invasion” was being replaced already.. how nice..^^

At the gallery hall..^^ i love the paintings on these photos..

After the event we ate at Yellow Cab to try Dear Darla’s Pizza… yummy

My mom and sister having their craving faces..hahahaha

The Dear Darla's Pizza and Spicy Buffalo Wings...^^

Oh wait, favorite my photo at Chictopia and hype me on Lookbook.

Till next blogging..^^

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