Tuesday, April 10, 2012

craving for summer!!!

as i always stay at home.. my laptop is my best friend.. i only had 5days left before my class officially started.. and i was really hoping i can still bumps up on the beach...(cross fingers) well, i was really convincing my mom to had plans for this summer but unfortunately they don't have one...and as if they'll allow me to go on my own.. well, the usual i end up sitting in front of my laptop browsing, reading blogs, surfing, facebook, etc.. and because of too much boredom i just read a lots of articles..and i ended up to this one..... "Top swimwear trends for 2012: prints, frills and neon colors" read here.. (craving so much..^^)

anyways, this article doesn't have any photos available so i decided to share some..^^

1990's inspired: well, that's my year...hahaha okay, 1990's inspired was really on the boom this days from colors, to patterns, to polka dots, animal prints, floral (i had a lot when i was a kid),neon.. i love neon! and i cant imagine that those can actually really cool for a swimwear.. well, i always prefer plains for me every time i had to hit a swimsuit but wola i wanted to buy inspired by this..^^

a "pin-up" look: those were a vintage retro vibe
with a 2 peice suit; a high waist bottom and a
bandeau cut style top... good for those who wants to hide their extra tummy..hahaha like me..^^

one piece and bandeau suit: can't wear too sexy? good thing there's a one piece suit that can still flaunt your figures..^^ just make sure that cuts are good to you.

resort wear: lots of brands actually released resort wear that can mix and match with those gorgeous swimwear.. sheer kimono is just perfect i guess... its very thin, light and delicate.. real good for the beach..^^

well, having a really nice swimwear is not enough..its important that you had good skin as well.. drinking a lot of water can actually help to hydrate your self..^^ plus make sure your on the go with your sunblock, lipbalm, hair conditioner plus extra cuteness with hat, scarfs, flats and sunglasses..^^

i can recommend maybelline baby lips; lip balm..^^ it was actually really good on your lips..

just ended here.. hope you hit the beach glamorously...have fun.. and me? still hoping..^^

note: photos above are not mine i just got it from the net..( ramdom sites)

till next blogging..^^


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