Sunday, April 22, 2012

Banda Rito, Banda Roon.. CCP Invasion..^^

Hi there. It’s been a week since I last touched my laptop. My class starts already and I had no time to blog but thankfully I manage to finish all the stuffs I need to do…. so here I am do blogging. Remember the last time that we went to aliwan festival? Visit “Aliwan Festival” I posted it more than a week ago and still not getting over it. Anyways, we visit the CCP the same day.  



I got tickets for a concerto band, The “Banda Rito, Banda Roon” A National Symphonic Band Festival. My tita got me and my bf the front seat so we can really watch it closer. The experience with him was way awesome... it was actually his first time to watched there. Well of course I always got free tickets there so next time I’ll make sure I got two for us...^^ 

We also took the opportunity to visit art gallery hall… I’m an art lover and I love visiting these kind of places.. I was hoping that someday I could have my own art exhibit.^^


There are also mannequins wearing native clothes. The details was great if you could look at it closer.. 



Well, we wouldn’t miss to take photo op outside the CCP main hall..hahahahaha

Hahaha..feeling model..^^

P.S:  sorry for the late post of this event I’ll try to be more updated…^^ 


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