Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aliwan Festival

Yesterday was the last day of the aliwan festival held at front of the aliw theater beside the ccp complex. I told you last time about it on one of my blogs; ”A WONDERFUL DAY”. So, have you visit the festival?

My mom, my tita, bf and I went to the festival since my mom wanted to buy food and a cactus and the last day of the festival was way greater than the first day and there are a lot of people as well. More stores are installed and as always I enjoy buying delicacies and eating empanada. We also wanted to watch the parade since there was a coronation night and the floats were pretty awesome…

My sister and two cousin was also there but not to watch the parade but to enjoy the rides at the star city..they also got free ride-all-you-can tickets.
There are concerto bands such as the Cavite Band, National Philippine Band, Military bands which are the navy, army, etc. it happens before the float parade starts. As we are waiting for the parade I got the opportunity to hold one of their trumpets and I ask kuya to play it. I don’t know their names, all I know is that they play for the Philippine Military Band..uhmm I think they are from the Army band.

My bf and I watching and taking pictures at the float parade.

oh wait.. we arrive a little earlier so I got time to take some pictures for my CHICTOPIA and LOOKBOOK.
or click them on my style gallery at the left,,^^

Top: yellow, Calvin Klein
Jeans: Random Shop
Boots: Shubizz
Accessories: Bag, Robinsons @ bags
Hat, SM Dept. Store @ hats
Bracelet,Random Store @ Aliwan Festival
DIY feather earrings
Feather ring


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