Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY cute round bag

recently, i got bored and wasn't be able to go out because of the heavy rain.. so to kill my boredom i've decided to make a bag out of my old pants.. im not a real fan of cute branded bags or stuffs which there are a lot of people you might pass by having and wearing the same thing.. i always wanted to look unique in my own little ways... besides money doesn't grow on trees! and there's a way lot of fun creating your own stuffs... isn't it nice to show your creativity? anyways, let me share you how i made this cute bag..uhmm its a round cute bag..^^

1. having a round object and trace on the portion of the denim cloth you want.. i prefer place it on the bottom part.

2. cut your outline.

3. these are you cut out portions, the round for the body(about 8 inches diameter); rectangular piece for the side (about 4 inches wide and 15 inches long).

4. sew the side piece to the body leaving an opening for the zippers.

5. do the same to the other half.

6. sew the top of the side to secure the edges.

7. do the same on the bottom part.

8. sew the top part and cut out the portion in the middle for the zippers.

9. sew the zippers. adjustments depends on how long your zippers are. i prefer about 1/2inch allowance on both ends.

10. cut out a same circular pattern for the sides to become firm so that your bag would have a nice shape then glue it or sew it. (can be a cardboard or another piece of cloth)

11. you can use the back pocket of your denim pants as pockets for the bag for phone holder or key holder...^^

12. cut about 2inches wide and 4inches long for the handle support. fold about 1/2inch both sides then sew it to secure the edges.

13. sew it on the side. i prefer adding circular rings for the handle. you can put beads on it for extra cuteness..^^

14. make some dangling for accessories.. (personal preferences) ill show you how to make this one on my next blog..^^

15. attached the handle. i prefer chains and i braid some of the excess denim for the shoulder pads. ill also show you how to make 4 strand braid on my future blogs.

16. you can paint your bag the way you want. i do mine something hippie..

wola! this is the finished product.. i love the colors and prints on my hand painted diy bag..^^ hope you like it.. feel free to do your own and show your artistry.. till next do it yourself project


  1. love it girl.. as i love you.. ♥♥♥

  2. Hanniel, thank you for sharing your adorable denim bag... It reminds me of the days long ago when in High School - we used to embroider every square inch of our denim bags we made!

    I have a question for you, what kind of paint did you use to decorate your bag? I know about fabric paints, but wonder if they are tough enough to use on denim? Thank you!

    1. Hi..thank you for your comment.. I really appreciate it.. Denim always remind me of 90's.. I used water based textile paint so i can add water for consistency.. It was perfect when it dries..^^ i was looking forward to see those embroided denim bags you make..


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