Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Cioccolata Churros Cafe


I went to visit my cousin who just labor a baby cute boy and then i decided to have some light dinner before i go home. I found this cafe really nice.. If your looking for a really nice breakfast or a snack and even for a light dinner, this place is perfect. It Cioccolata Churros Cafe located in Intramuros. Every time i'm looking for a place to eat i always consider 4 category: 

1. Location

The place was accessible. It was located at bay leaf hotel in intramuros just one bus ride away from home about 10-15min travel so i can actually recommend it if your on a rush or if you go to school near it.

2. Food 

Since its cafe I'm expecting more on their coffee but what interest me are their tea specially the earl grey tea and berry sensation. It makes me excited to try all their tea selection. But this time i tried their nutty white chocolate and it was really good too, its not too sweet and it taste not the usual. I also try their chicken and egg sandwich and roasted almond honey glazed pretzels. The serving was ok and you can actually share it to your friends and the price as well is fine for their servings.

3. Ambiance

The place was cozy but i found it too small. i wonder how it looks during peak time hours but they also offer seats outside the shop. Since i went there almost closing time i feel comfortable with my own table. I can suggest maybe they could have some jazz sounds. Nevertheless it was pretty good. 

4. Staffs

The staffs were really nice and i think it was really good bonus coz you don't always find really nice staffs on other cafes. I went there to try their churros but it was already sold out and it really makes me sad so i ordered pretzels instead and the staff on the cashier is too nice to let me try their dipping for the churros to match my pretzels. I think hes the manager.. Hehe thanks manager for letting me try those dippings. It was perfect not because they are free but it actually taste good.

Over all i can recommend the place to everybody specially for those who love tea. And oh.. they offer 50% discount on muffins at 7pm until their closing. They closes at 8pm on sunday but I'm not sure during weekdays. So enjoy your visit!

For my verdict, 


1. Location - 20/20

2. Food- 30/30

3. Ambiance- 15/25

4. Staff- 25/25

TOTAL: 90/100 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flowers and Sunshine

It's nice to see the sun in the morning coz it actually gave you the strength to perform various acts and meet all your schedule without getting wet on the rain. Im so happy that i decided to wear this floral silk dress for a special event.

I got this cute dress on SM Girl Teen Wear section, i like it coz its silk and you dont actually need to iron it if you lay it out good on hanging. I hate ironing clothes it was maybe the laziest homeduty for me. I dont know why but i dont want to spend time doing it sweating and you cant even wash your hands after doing it kasi "mapapasma" ka daw, that's the term they use for that. The shoes it one of the favorite, it's old rose in color kinda pinkish and it doesnt have the killer heels so you can actually run and roam all over places, and it looks simple and elegant for me. I love pairing it on different styles. Well, i bought the bag on divisoria. You can buy a lot of stuffs on a way cheaper price just make sure you look for the quality as well coz having a great deal is by having the good quality on affordable prices. This bag looks really girly for me because of the colors but im glad it matches my dress. It also have slings which i remove because its teddy bears and it might not look good on the entire outfit. Add a sunglasses and your ready to go. 

I really love the floral prints on thies dress

Have a good day. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hi guys.. I have goodnews for you and yes you read it right im conducting my first international blog giveaway courtesy of Persunmall! Are you excited as i am? Well lets get it started....shall we? 

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Goodluck and spread the good news!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Handkerchief Hair Bow Tutorial

I'll be showing you how to use your cute handkerchiefs as a hair bow. Just make sure you haven't use them yet. Okie! Lets start..

So easy right... Try them out! You can take pictures and comment down below so i can see it.. 

Till next time.